Announcing PH’s Inaugural Event!

PH is pleased to present our inaugural workshop event:

Beyond Compare: Free Yourself from Comparison and Succeed on your own Terms.


As promised in our blog from last week, we have officially launched our inaugural “PH Workshop”, the purpose of which is to bring great speakers and great ideas to our community. Our very first workshop will feature Lauren Bacon, a local entrepreneur, author, and coach. 

Workshop Summary:

It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking other people have it all together. Our culture loves to hold people up as stars, gurus, experts – models of success and perfection. And really there’s nothing wrong with admiring and appreciating others, except when it leads us to forget that we are creative, successful and complete in our own right.

Beyond Compare is a workshop for people who want to quit comparing themselves to others and feeling like they’re falling short. You’ll reclaim the incredible creative power that gets lost when you fall into the habit of hero-worship or envy.

This workshop is designed for those who find themselves distracted by other people’s versions of success — who struggle to feel confident and focused on their own path, and instead look to heroes and role models to show them the way.

By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to …
: Transform your admiration or envy into clarity on what you want more of;
: Make the act of comparison work for you rather than against you; and
: Turn your focus back to yourself and rekindle your creative fire .

And best of all, you’ll have a template you can re-use anytime you catch yourself slipping into old habits.
Get ready to escape the comparison trap!

If you are interested in attending this exclusive event, please email us directly at!

Crystal Roche

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