PH Beyond Compare Workshop Recap

On June 18, Project House Business Solutions hosted our first PH Workshop, led by Lauren Bacon, called “Beyond Compare: Free yourself from comparison and succeed on your own terms.” Our workshop attendees came to us through a wide range of places and brought great energy and enthusiasm, and Lauren led a great exploration of our tendency to compare ourselves with others, and showed us how to identify and work through qualities we admire and envy.

When Crystal and I first started Project House, our goal was to create a business where our personal and company values matched, and to show these in everything we did. One of our values is Community, and we are invested in doing everything we can to strengthen and support our neighbourhood, our City, and what we call our “village”, whether that village is made up of local business owners, working women, or anyone trying to define and create their own success for themselves, their families, and others. We also want to connect people with opportunities, ideas and each other, and part of this vision has been the creation of a speaker/workshop series that we hope to host a few times every year, with a variety of topics, speakers, audiences, and formats as the series evolves.

For our inaugural event, we looked around at our amazing circle of friends, colleagues, and other partners in crime, and we decided that there was be no better candidate for leading our attendees than our trusted neighbour, friend, and all-around high achiever Lauren Bacon.  Lauren is smart, funny, compassionate, generous, interested, and accomplished.  She is a community builder and supporter, a local entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and a fellow parent. Plus she said yes to us and she was willing to volunteer her time and her considerable energy to this project.

On June 18, we had a full house of generous, open, eager, and friendly women, and they made Beyond Compare so much more exciting and rewarding than we had hoped it would be. Our thanks to them, and to Lauren, for helping us kick off our PH Workshop Series so beautifully.


Heidi Eaves

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