Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Client Spotlight: Birdseye Office Inc.

Birdseye office inc web design layout

S.E.O, web design, brand identity, oh my! Our project spotlight this month is on our good friends over at Birdseye Office Inc. who asked for our help with all three of these services. Birdseye sells commercial grade furniture, built and designed to stand the test of time in a busy office environment, with over 97% of it made right here in Canada. We have worked with Birdseye on space planning projects for our clients in the past, and because of this partnership we have seen first hand what Birdseye is capable of. We trust Birdseye with our projects; so imagine our delight when we were given the opportunity to work on a project for them. Read more

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day 2016

HR is dead! Long live HR!


I love being in HR.  I love people, their joy, their weirdness, their excitement, their grumpiness, their unpredictability.  I love learning as well as teaching.  I love being in a room the moment someone “gets it,” especially when that someone is me.  I enjoy the effort and reward of creating, coaching, and listening.  I enjoy being surprised, breaking big problems into smaller achievable ones, providing information and guidance.  I like being involved in bringing clarity, reasonable processes, and policies that work. I like rolling up my sleeves in the grey area that is human behaviour. Read more

Happy Day of Awesomeness!

Day of Awesomeness March 10

Celebrating International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day 2016

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the acheivements of women while calling for greater equality.

At Project House, we celebrate women every day, and we are excited to create opportunities for them to do great work, learn new skills, and grow our community.

Our business is built on the strength, talent, and energy of incredible women, and we wish everyone joy this Tuesday, March 8.