January 25: PowHER TV and Dream, Girl Launch Event

Dream, Girl

Project House Business Solutions is excited to announce their event partnership for the Vancouver launch party of PowHER TV and a special screening of Dream, Girl on January 25, 2017. 

PowHER TV is an initiative of PowHERhouse, the only Canadian media platform that accelerates individual performance, business growth and social impact. Their vision is a commitment to becoming a strong, positive global force with a tangible, grassroots impact, and their aim is to utilize the capacity of their highly-interactive multi-media platform to connect powerful women with each other in order to maximize their collective strength and energy.

Project House is a creative and energetic company whose mission is to build flexible work opportunities for women and support clients who want to treat people better, use better systems, and show themselves off more beautifully.  They do this by providing “extra muscle” consulting in a variety of professional service areas.

Dream, Girl is a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring & ambitious female entrepreneurs.  The film’s mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders:  From brand new startups to million dollar industries, it’s time we stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them what it means to be a leader.”  Executive Producer and launch event champion Cheryl Wheeler will be attending the Vancouver launch event.

The PowHER TV Dream, Girl event will include a networking reception, inspirational speakers and an interactive panel discussion with the cast of PowHER TV, moderated by Project House Principal Heidi Eaves.  The Project House team is thrilled to be working alongside Charlene SanJenko and PowHERhouse to create an event that celebrates the idea that young people of all genders, backgrounds, and skills need to experience healthy role models and a broader range of inspiring opportunities in order to dream bigger and develop their own personal brand of leadership.

Both companies are committed to furthering the development of positive and healthy leadership, business, and entrepreneurship opportunities for everyone.

Tickets can be purchased from PowHERhouse here.


Click the image above to watch the Dream, Girl trailer.