PH Team Member Spotlight: Sandi Callender

Sandi is Project House’s Engagement Manager.  Her many responsibilities include welcoming and onboarding new clients, training new team members, tracking all of our projects, and keeping on top of monthly commitments and events.  Sandi joined our team in March 2015 and she has been instrumental in helping us keep the trains running on time ever since!

Innovative and energetic, Sandi is a friendly + collaborative team member, an effective communicator, a dependable cheerleader, and a strong problem solver. Her career as a manager in the banking world has provided her with a large range of skills that enable her to be proficient with technical, client, project management, and creative projects. This is great, because she is tasked with staying two steps ahead of Heidi and Crystal, and ensuring that the world continues to turn!

Sandi spends her free time windsurfing, golfing, hiking, skiing, sewing, and crocheting. She is passionate about being an active employee at Project House and we are so lucky to have her!

Best advice from mom: We are here to enjoy.

I find inspiration in mornings. There’s something about that early peace & quiet…

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