Feeling Pinched? 10 Signs It Might Be Time For A New Office Space

You might be feeling the pinch of an overcrowded workspace without even realizing it. Here are 10 reasons it might be time to upgrade your office space:

  1. Getting up from your desk is an agility contest. You can’t get out of your desk area without climbing over and around boxes and mounting piles of paper, supplies and other materials.
  2. You have downsized desk sizes at least twice already. In an attempt to gain more workspace for new hires, you’ve forced everyone to purge their stuff and sold them on the idea of further collaboration by sitting closer together…twice! You are pretty sure your employees will all walk out if you ask them to downsize yet again. Besides, you’re not sure you can actually buy smaller desks than the ones you have now – they need to be at least large enough for a laptop, right??!
  3. You have taken over every meeting room with workstations. This is classic – you need more space and there is a big room over there, just waiting to be filled with more bodies…but wait, how can you hold a team meeting, entertain or meet with clients…in the hallway? No wait…see #6.
  4. Your new hire has to sit in the lunchroom.  The lunchroom is already standing room only…and you have two new hires starting next week and they will likely have to move in there too. You might have to put everyone on a 5 minute rotating lunch schedule! It’s important to have breakout space – somewhere for people to eat away from their desks, collaborate, and have informal conversations.
  5. You seem to be losing a lot of employees. Hmmmm…maybe because they have no desk space, and nowhere to eat or hold meetings. Hope this week’s new hires will want to stick around…
  6. Filing, storage and debris has started to take over the hallways.  Not only is this a huge fire and safety hazard, but it’s a sure sign that you have outgrown your space and have exceeded your storage needs.
  7. Confidential meetings are now being held at a coffee shop.  The baristas are probably learning more than they wanted to know about your HR, financial, and marketing woes.
  8. You can afford it. Business is going well, and you continue to expand.  Hopefully you have been planning for growth and have set dollars aside in your budget for a larger space.
  9. Your employees are begging to work from home….and not because they are looking for flexibility! If team members seem to want to spend less and less time in the office and look for any excuse not to come in, it might be a sign that your space is cramped and lacking in work areas that encourage productivity.  While we love it when a company can find ways to offer employees flexibility to work from home, employees shouldn’t dread the idea of coming to work.
  10. You know way too much about all of your co-workers. If your employees are so tightly jammed in together that productivity is down because Freda just broke up with her girlfriend or John is having health issues and their personal issues are now everyone’s issues, it may be a sign that your office isn’t providing the right kinds of spaces for private conversations, or that workspaces are too close together.  Your employees need areas for privacy and for sharing the right kinds of information. Creating an office that allows for focused collaboration and opportunities for quiet, private conversations will certainly lead to improved productivity.


Need a second opinion on whether your workspace is still working for you? Would you like the opportunity to sit down with someone to discuss your current space and how it could be improved? Do you need help finding a new space and relocating & designing your new office? Get in touch!

Crystal Roche

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