What the heck is an .eps file?

When working with a Graphic Designer, there comes a time where the final art files are delivered to you, and you can begin the exciting process of planning what you’d like to do with them, be it for a vinyl wall decal or in an email signature. Knowing which file type should be used for each of these kinds of projects can be confusing – should you choose a .png or .ai? …and what the heck is an .eps file?

These questions can often pop up when a branding folder full of logos using different file formats is handed over to you, and as with most things, clear communication is key to getting the most from your designer and saving time and money. Rather than a flurry of emails explaining what type of file to use and where, it helps to understand the basics of file types and to know exactly what you want out of the final product and which files you need to get it done.

Here is a guide to some of the different file types used by Project House Graphic Designers on a daily basis to help our clients make the most of their graphic projects. We’re going to start today with raster and vector based files, because this is the major differentiator of file types.

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Project House Client Spotlight: Connie Pretula

Connie Pretula is an inspiring health coach to mature corporate women, using a holistic approach to nutrition and life.

The design team at Project House was thrilled to partner with Connie to design and create a beautiful and informative marketing brochure, using key messages from her mission and values in combination with beautiful new photographs of Connie and her food, taken by our talented pal Kevin Shoesmith.

project house connie pretula graphic design brochure mockup

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