Team Member Spotlight: Julie Morris

Julie Morris is an HR-professional with a passion for helping individuals and businesses achieve extraordinary results. She started her career in Human Resources at Whistler-Blackcomb where she was involved in large volume recruiting and training. As a consultant, Julie has had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies on exciting projects, the successes of which are fueled by the collective energy of the employees.

These projects have included customer service training for 5000 Whistler employees, creating employee engagement programs, creating development and mentoring programs, and coaching managers on how to be strong leaders. Julie is passionate about organization design and has spent time conducting department reviews, creating new structures, and facilitating the change management process.

At Project House, Julie is a trusted senior Human Resources advisor who excels at helping our clients find the right solutions for their business, including designing high quality training programs, guiding leaders through difficult employee challenges, or designing effective performance and measurement systems. Julie’s approach to HR is professional, positive, and geared towards creating healthy employee experiences.

Best advice from mom: As long as you do your best, that’s all anyone can ask.

I am inspired by friends who are working hard at being great parents and great employers.

Crystal Roche

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