Our Approach

Working with Us

We created Project House to provide a flexible work environment and add value to local business.  We bring together like-minded professionals who share our values and who care about bringing expertise and best practices to each client, team, employee, and partner we work with. We care about people, and we work with each company to bring out the best in each of theirs.



Design + Implement

Evaluate + Follow-up

Discover: A Deep Dive

To design effective solutions for your unique business, we need to understand which problems need solving.  This starts with discovery and assessment – we talk with you, meet your team, walk through your space – in order to really grasp your business and identify which areas are most in need of alignment.

Design + Implement: A Custom Solution

Based on our findings and your priorities, we will use our expertise to design and deliver custom solutions to help you engage your team, maximize your workspace, and grow your business in a way that celebrates your values and culture.

Evaluate + Follow-Up: Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your business doesn’t end with project delivery; we want to ensure the goals we set with you have been achieved and help you build on your success. In order to help you chart your course, we will partner with you and support your company and people along the way, with new projects, training + education, or regular check-ins.

Employees who spend 60% to 80% of their time working remotely are likely
to have the highest workplace engagement. (Source: Gallup)

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