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PH: A holistic approach

This year Project House is turning four, and we have been getting ready for our next business phase.  After partnering with more than 65 clients, designing and delivering countless projects and solutions, and onboarding over 40 PH team members, we wanted to take stock of what we’ve built so far and where we want to […]

We Love Being Part of Your Team

Last year, one of our clients went through a significant leadership change. We had enjoyed a great relationship with this client, and we felt trusted and effective, providing strategic and operational support regularly and easily. When our primary senior contact informed us he was leaving the organization, we wondered if our work with this client […]

PH Team Member Spotlight: Christina Shorthouse

Christina got her first byline in high school, writing a monthly column for the esteemed Manotick Messenger. Since then, she’s been creating copy for everything from newsletters, annual reports, and websites to parenting magazines and frozen lasagna packaging. A self-described bookworm and grammar nerd, Christina translated her degree in English Literature into a viable career […]

January 25: PowHER TV and Dream, Girl Launch Event

Project House Business Solutions is excited to announce their event partnership for the Vancouver launch party of PowHER TV and a special screening of Dream, Girl on January 25, 2017.  PowHER TV is an initiative of PowHERhouse, the only Canadian media platform that accelerates individual performance, business growth and social impact. Their vision is a […]

In celebration of Video Game Day…

To celebrate Video Game Day, we would like to give a shout out to some of our clients who work hard to give us the chance to kill zombies, crush cities, and gather armies.  Video Game development isn’t just fun; it’s a business that requires creativity, commitment, technical wizardry, and the ability to pull together […]

In honour of Roller Coaster Day…

This week I’m inspired by Roller Coaster Day.  Many people are drawn to roller coasters as a symbol for life’s ups and downs – it is part of the human experience to go through highs and lows, success and defeat, exhilaration and desperation, sometimes simultaneously.  The key difference between a roller coaster and life, however, […]

Happy Paperback Book Day!

I love to read, and my passion for books has been a lifelong one.  Many years before texting and walking was a dangerous nuisance, I was walking to school and home again with an open book in my face; I never wanted to put a good story down, and I could pretty much read anywhere, […]