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Chipperfield Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service,specializing in one-on-one care in a range of locations according to their clients’ needs.

Chipperfield Physiotherapy will work with you to find the right time and location to achieve your recovery. Physiotherapy sessions can take place at a location of your choice:
In your home or office, at a sports field or rink, in a care home or seniors facility, or in a clinic. They offer services including injury assessment and diagnosis, certified hand therapy, acupuncture, neuro rehab,baby physio, and a host of other training and therapy services and coaching.

The multidisciplinary team at Chipperfield Physiotherapy believes that life in motion is the key to long term physical health. They welcome clients of all ages, from babies to seniors.

Project House supports Chipperfield Physio with support in a variety of business areas.

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“Project House has helped my business with a wide variety of things over the past year. Whether the task was big or small, Project House was there to help. Crystal, Heidi, and the entire staff are attentive, efficient, and go above and beyond to help their clients. I would highly recommend Project House to any of my friends or colleagues. I look forward to working more with Project House to grow and manage my small business.”

Justin Chipperfield, Owner
Justin Chipperfield, OwnerChipperfield Physiotherapy