Kent Employment Law is a British Columbia-based law firm advising both employers and employees on all employment-related legal matters, including human resources policies, employment contracts and non-competition agreements, wrongful dismissal, employment standards issues (such as wages, overtime, and vacation pay) and workplace harassment and discrimination. From its offices in Vancouver,Kent Employment Law supports businesses and individuals located throughout the province.

Since its inception over 12 years ago, Kent Employment Law has served a diverse clientele from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, with a specific focus on empowering people and organizations by protecting their legal rights. They work collaboratively with all of their clients, partnering with them to find solutions that “fit” their particular workplace problems.

Their care for their clients shows in how they work: they are resourceful and persistent in helping you achieve your goals, always mindful of your needs, be they personal, professional, or organizational. Although they operate within a system that can be unavoidably adversarial, they take an optimistic, purposeful approach to legal problems, striving where possible to enable positive,stress-free outcomes.

Project House has updated the look and feel of the Kent Employment Law website and supported Kent Employment Law with website features, we have also enjoyed work with them on client initiatives and communication of best practices.

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