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We know that a company’s core values provide a clear filter for making business decisions, developing culture and brand, and building customer and client relationships. They are also the key to finding and keeping the right people on your team. Here’s what matters most to us at Project House.


Humans are at the very core of everything we do. We are driven to help businesses and leaders grow in a successful and sustainable way by showing them how to treat their employees, clients, customers, and community with respect, kindness, positivity, trust, and honesty. We are connectors and cheerleaders, and we use our powers for good.


We prize resourcefulness, and we are talented at creating unique solutions by combining ideas from many different sources.  We mix the tried and true with the innovative, we are eager to learn about new ways of thinking and doing, and we are inspired by looking at a problem from a new angle. We believe that with creativity, all solutions, big or small, can be both practical and beautiful.


Powerful things happen when what you say matches what you do.  When purpose and values work together.  When you have the right people, culture, skills, strategies, and tools to reach your goals. When you figure out what needs fixing or changing, and you’re able to find that little piece you need – then everything clicks into place.


We love what we do, and it shows. We care about our city and each other, we treasure local business, and we are committed to helping women find satisfying and flexible opportunities to use their talents. We started our own company so we could work with people, add value, learn new things, and create something we’re proud of. We are fun and we get shit done.

84% of employees say praise should be given on a continual, year-round basis. (Source: Reward Gateway)

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