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We are a trusted Vancouver consulting company specializing in creating workplace environments that maximize team productivity and employee engagement.  Using proven problem-solving expertise and assessment tools, we identify your unique challenges and provide custom solutions.

Healthy employees take fewer sick days. Absenteeism is 27 percent lower for those workers who eat healthy and regularly exercise. (Source: HERO)


Engaging employees is critical to a company’s success.  People are profoundly affected by how connected, happy, and well they feel at work.  They want to know what’s expected of them and what they can expect from you, and they crave some degree of control and flexibility over their environment.


Employees work harder, stay in their roles longer, are happier and more dedicated, and are measurably more productive when they feel safe, respected, rewarded, and given opportunities to learn and perform to the best of their abilities.  They thrive when they believe in what your company is building.  Engaged employees are better leaders and teammates, and they are your best recruiters and ambassadors.

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