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Helping leaders create productive and engaging workplaces

Project House is a consulting company that is dedicated to the improvement of employee engagement and productivity within your organization.  Every business is unique, so we will work with you to understand your business, identify your challenges, dig into root causes, and implement custom solutions that are sustainable and measurable.

A sample of our programs and services:

Management Training + Coaching

How a team is managed impacts their engagement, productivity, and longevity with your company. When you’re looking to provide opportunities to improve or add skills, to onboard and engage new hires, or improve feedback and communication, let us bring best practices and effective manager support to your business.  

Furniture + Ergonomics

In 2013, nearly 380,600 days of work were missed due to disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and back issues. Discomfort and pain have a huge impact on employee performance and cost businesses in productivity and lost workdays. Our team works with you to bring function, beauty, ergonomics, and individual needs to your furniture solutions.  

Performance Program Design

Employees thrive when they know what is expected, how their performance will be measured, and how best to make an impact in their current role. Meaningful, year-round performance programs will reflect the goals of your business and establish behaviours you want to recognize. Working with the leadership group, we ensure performance feedback and 1:1 management is handled kindly and consistently.  

Health + Wellness Programs

A fundamental aspect of creating a successful workplace is ensuring all your employee’s needs are met. By setting policy and providing programs that encourage exercise, proper rest, nutrition, ergonomic awareness, happiness, relationship building, community activities, and other key behaviours, you create a culture of wellness, engagement, and productivity. 

Values, Culture + Brand Discovery

Defining your company’s core values establishes a consistent filter for making business decisions. It is also the key to developing brand and culture and assessing employee performance. We’ll work with you to discover your company’s core values, and create programs to effectively communicate these messages across your business.  

Lighting,  Acoustics + Air Quality

Health and productivity are directly tied to physical environment.  Light levels, brightness, ambient noise, air quality, ventilation – all have been linked scientifically to output, sleep cycles, and health factors. Our team helps you assess your current workspace and design improvements to create an optimum environment for employee health, productivity, and engagement.

Assessment Tools

People are complex. You want to understand their strengths, how they work, and how they are most likely to approach a problem. Assessment tools provide valuable insight to help leaders communicate better, provide effective feedback, and match skills and preferences with the right people and projects.

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Space Planning + Project Management

Our skilled team can help make the overwhelming task of an office facelift, reorganization for growth, or complete move more manageable. With a focus on creating a healthy and engaging space that works harmoniously with your brand, we can develop designs and plans to fit your budget and schedule. 

Policies + Employee Guide Creation

It’s your responsibility to set your team’s workplace expectations and to keep them safe and informed. By creating policies customized to meet the unique requirements of your company, we help effectively communicate your brand, culture, and practices. This material can be delivered in a variety of formats and can grow and evolve as you do.  

WELL Building Consulting

Our physical environment has an enormous impact on our health. Knowing we spend almost 90% of our time indoors and over 70% of our week at work makes it critical to invest in creating office environments and programs that truly contribute to employee well being. When you earn the WELL Certification, you signal to the world you’re putting people first.  

HR Fundamentals

While services and products are unique to every business, HR challenges are not. Running a business involves many moving parts: staffing, onboarding, performance reviews, career management, team recognition, work preferences and styles, health and wellness. Sharing our expertise, we guide you through important decisions to help make the HR aspects of your business as straightforward as possible.  

Operations + Infrastructure Strategies

We care about ensuring your company is built on a solid foundation that supports the goals you have for your business and your team. We help you assess your processes, systems, and practices that guide important decisions and add value, helping you stay efficient and focused on what you do best. 



We love to share and exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices.  We do this in a variety of ways, including speaking engagements, workshops, group discussions, training sessions, interviews, and panel discussions.  Reach out to us if you’re looking for dynamic and empathetic speakers who want to share knowledge and stories, help others grow, or add some extra muscle to your team.

Helping People Thrive

In order to be engaged and productive contributors to any business, humans in the workplace have needs.  Basic needs include access to an adequate workspace; natural light; clean, healthy, safe working conditions; fair treatment and pay, and respect. Employees thrive when they also have opportunities to belong, to be rewarded, to do meaningful work, and to gain skills, proficiency, and autonomy. Well-meaning leaders don’t always know how to provide these, and that’s where we can help.  From healthy and well-designed office spaces, to best practices and support with management and leadership, we help leaders create productive and engaging workplaces.

54% of high performing employees say their workspaces are too distracting. (Source: Hacker Noon)

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