Extra Muscle, Rocket Fuel, a Clear Course

Project House is a company that offers a diverse range of solutions, tailored to your business needs. We love talking with business leaders about their companies and their challenges, because we are passionate about being part of their solution in a variety of areas including staff, organizational change, office space, websites, social media, event planning, and more.

In a phrase, the core of our business is helping you focus on the core of your business. Once you grow out of start-up mode (and you will!), many of the hats you’ve had to wear will become a burden, and we are here to take some of them for you. Until you want to hire employees to help you with your load, our team can help.

That’s why we’ve been really happy to share our three brand images to more succinctly explain our business:

Extra Muscle speaks to our desire to help you with all of the projects that keep falling to the bottom of your to-do list, whether it’s because you don’t have time or because you’re unsure of where to start. This might be hiring staff, creating effective policies, tackling your neverending to-do list, organizing an amazing client event, helping you organize or move workspaces, or designing a beautiful card or website.

Image 2a

Rocket Fuel refers to our ability to help you get where you want to go, but faster. We love getting things done, whether it’s helping you and your team get organized or unstuck, bringing technology into your process so you don’t have to keep working on things from scratch, or talking you through your business and your priorities to see if there’s a different or more efficient way of looking at a problem.

Image 3a

A Clear Course is our way of saying that we can help you chart a more direct line to getting what you want out of your business. This includes working with you to create a business plan, understand your hiring needs, help you articulate your vision and goals, and engage your team.

Image 1

At Project House, we will custom tailor a solution to your unique challenges.  Our team is highly skilled in a wide range of areas, and we are able to bring the right person to the job at the right time.​