Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming

Winter Is Coming

The most wonderful time of the year? Not if preparing for parties and presents causes you stress! It is time to get a head start prepping your business for the holidays so that you can get back to the fun stuff – whether that is spending more time on the work you love, or enjoying your free time.

To alleviate some of the effort before the holiday season starts, it is important to make a list of what is important to you. Holiday cards? Employee appreciation? Client gifts? Deciding what your priorities are can make it easier to decide where to allocate your time (and money!).

Too busy, overwhelmed, or distracted to discover or focus on all of your priorities? Don’t know how to get started?  Let us help! We are your one-stop shop for holiday cards, gifts & employee appreciation, and event planning.  Read on for more ideas and inspiration.

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Holiday Cards

If you haven’t poked around on our website lately, you may not have seen our new SHOP page!

We are selling some of our most popular holiday banners and motivational quotes, illustrated with original Project House graphic designs, as greeting cards, including new options for the holidays. Holiday cards are available in 4 core designs, with an option to customize colours and internal messages to suit your needs and match your brand. If none of the designs work for you, we can partner with you to create something entirely custom. If you need help collating addresses and sending your cards, we can help with that too! Let us know.


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Customized Gifts

Last year we blogged our tips on handling the holidays. As we shared last year, the days of overly branded client appreciation gifts are over – a wicker basket full of branded office supplies creates much less joy than something thoughtful and unique. Do you need help thinking of a creative gift for your clients? In past years, we have created custom calendars, gift baskets and subtly branded houseware. Feel free to browse last year’s blog for ideas, or reach out if you need help getting your idea rolling.



Employee Appreciation

Don’t forget about your employees during this busy time of year! Employee appreciation can come in many forms, including gifts, bonuses, or a holiday dinner or party. No matter what you decide, we can help you knock it off your to-do list.

For gifts, there are many choices for all cultures and budgets. Experience-based gifts such as tickets to a Comedy Night or a sports event can be a lot of fun and increase employee interaction. Another thoughtful option is one that encourages time off or a chance to learn something new.



Holiday Parties

If you are thinking of hosting a holiday party for your staff or clients, it is time to start planning! Crystal’s blog provides an excellent breakdown of the steps you’ll need to think about before it is too late. If the thought of planning your party frightens you, let us handle the details. Through one-on-one planning sessions, we can help define your vision, budget and timeline for the event.

This time of year can be overwhelming, but not if you get ahead of it. It may feel early – you may not have even put up your Halloween decorations! – but planning for the holidays now can help you stretch your budget and make thoughtful decisions.


Need help figuring out your next steps? Let us know at!

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